I recently read an article about a business owner who, because of the current economy, tried to undercut a new hire’s salary requirement. His words to the recruiter (paraphrased), “She’s out of a job and has been for awhile. I don’t have to pay what she’s asking for.”

She declined his offer and continued interviewing until she found a company that not only paid her salary requirement but exceeded it.

When the first owner found out, he responded with “Tell her I’ll match it.” But he was too late. His alignment to his money story lost him a potential employee and cost him additional time and resources to find a new one.

While her alignment to her values resulted in a greater income than expected and a potentially great working environment that cares about its people.

If we want more income, we must show up consistently in our values, not in our money stories.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Consistency.   



     I. Understanding ourselves is key to consistency. We must know who we are, who we want to be, and what our values are.

     II. The more consistent we are in holding to our values, the more trust we build in self and with others.

     III. If our actions and values do not align, it is essential that we adjust our actions to match our values rather than shifting or ignoring our values so we can keep taking the same action. 



     I. Identify the values you want to live and lead by. 

     II. Choose one value you want to be more consistent in and take action. 



     I. Which of my recent decisions and behaviors have been based on a money story rather than my values? 

For more help on finding your story, see the 3-2-1 in the blog post Are You Confidently Asking For Money?


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