When I was ten years old, my older brother got a paper route and, figuring out it was more than he wanted to do, enlisted my help. He was responsible for packing and delivering 50% of the papers and I was responsible for the other 50%. 

Several months later, I found out I was only making a quarter of the profits for doing half of the work. 

When I told him I wouldn’t continue to help unless I received half of the profits, he told me that since it was his paper route, he could pay me what he wanted. 

We each set a boundary. We each held to it. 

A few months later, he realized he was spending a majority of his evenings delivering papers instead of having fun after school. 

He determined it was more important to him to get the job done faster (so he could enjoy himself) than it was to hold onto 75% of the profits. 

So, he agreed to my terms and I went back to helping him with the paper route. 

If we truly desire impact and legacy, then whenever we set or hold boundaries we must remember to base these on our values and priorities, not on the money we want to make.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Boundaries.



  1. Boundary setting is an art form. We must trust ourselves to know when to hold them and when to renegotiate.
  2. When we set and hold our boundaries, people come to understand how to interact with us and respect us for how we consistently show up.
  3. Resources like money, people, and time will increase the more we practice setting and holding boundaries that are in alignment with our values and priorities.



  1.  Inventory your boundaries. Which ones are you holding onto that aren’t serving the outcomes you desire? Which are you allowing to be consistently disregarded?
  2. Identify one new boundary that aligns with your values and will lead to your desired outcomes. Define it and then practice holding to it.



  1. Are my boundaries serving my goals or someone else’s?


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