Role: Newly Promoted CFO
Goal: Manage current cash flow and find ways to increase future cash flow
Problem: Lack of boundaries & belief that people/resources would show up

Attitude(s) We Addressed: Boundaries & Command
Intangible Result: Client is working less hours and is feeling more at peace with her leadership
Tangible Result: Through her leadership, the company shattered previous monthly income records (depositing more than $100k CASH in just one month) and have continued to repeat their success each consecutive month! (3 months in a row so far.)

Let’s break it down.

This new CFO came to me because she knew that, while she had a pretty good relationship with money, she wasn’t ready for the next level of mindset challenges that would come from this new opportunity.

Managing thousands of dollars is one thing; managing hundreds of thousands is another.

Her original goal was to manage the cash flow that already existed in the business and find some up levels to increase the monthly cash flow going forward.

After speaking with her in our first appointment, it was apparent to me that she had some boundary issues and that she didn’t believe that what she asked for she would get – whether that be people or resources.

So for me, it was easy to know where to start. We’d need to focus on the Attitudes of Boundaries and Command.

(That’s the benefit of being the Money Master. I listen not only what you tell me, but also between the lines to hear what your money has to say, and I know the order of operations to get you fast and powerful results.)

In her case, Attitude of Command had to go first. If she wanted to hit or exceed her goal, she would have to learn to trust herself when it came to asking others for what she really wanted.

Notice that. She had to trust HERSELF.

Because her pattern was to set really big goals and then NOT TRUST that what she asked for was going to happen. I call this the HESITANT RULER EFFECT.

You have the vision and the power. You put it out there, you do the work (hustling is not your problem) but your perception of the past shows you a mountain of evidence that it’s actually NOT going to work out for you… that the people and resources just won’t be there and circumstances outside your control will always show up to derail your goals. So you hold back, you hesitate, you delay decision-making, and the result is unmet goals and a reinforcement of your story that resources don’t show up for you.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

With his new CFO, we worked on this mindset and cultural programming week after week. At the end of the first six weeks, she not only felt really good managing the accounts but her leadership had directly led to the company breaking its past revenue records!

“It’s the first time we’ve ever brought in over 100k in cash!” she wrote to me. She was so excited for this unexpected result, which they’ve since been able to repeat each month for the last three months.

If you’re not meeting your goals or are struggling with the number in your bank account (large or small), there is a specific Attitude of Money getting in your way. I’m here to not only help you identify it, but to help you adjust the mindset, heal the trauma, and rewrite the cultural rule derailing your success.

You have 3.5 months until the new year. You CAN finish 2022 strong.

If you’re ready for something different, let’s talk.


To your impact and legacy,