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With my wife lost in PTSD, bills stacking up, creditors closing in, and a house in foreclosure — 2010 forced me to face the uncontrolled chaos that had become my life. I had the skills to provide for my family, but not the mindset. That would come later…

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01. Power

To bring stability and control back to your most important relationships — financial, social, spiritual + self

02. Impact

To create a prosperous + successful family, company + community that benefits humankind

03. Legacy

To make a mark so profound that your ideas + wealth continue to influence new generations

Proven Success

The Numbers Don’t Lie

My clients drastically increase their monthly revenue — like a knitwear designer who went from producing $5,000 in revenue each month to generating over $14,000 consistently or a Virtual Assistant educator who 7x’d her annual revenue in less than 2 years, jumping from $100,000 a year to over $700,000.

And all of my clients have seen incredible personal results.


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My Story

Bringing Order to the Uncontrolled Chaos

Early 2008
Our American Dream

At the beginning of the year, our two-income life was going well. New house. New truck. New dog. The American Dream, right?

Though, if I’m being honest, my job at the time wasn’t going so well. I’d been there for 12 years, which is unheard of today, especially in the IT industry. The money is in moving jobs, but I’d stuck around at the bank — even though I was unhappy with both the leadership and the pay — because it seemed safe and stable. Sound familiar?

Late 2008
My Wife Almost Died

Less than 9 months later, my wife was the victim of TWO armed robberies and our life seemed to fall apart in slow motion. Deb spiraled in PTSD, losing her job and eventually attempting to take her life. We had to cancel our application to foster youth. And even my “stable” and “safe” job took a sideways turn as management changed hands.

By mid-2009 we knew something had to change. So I found a new job and we moved from Utah to Maryland, thinking that… well… if we just escaped what happened in Utah, then life would be better.

The Chaos Closed In

But it didn’t get better. It got worse.

Deb’s mental health continued to decline and our two-income house went to a permanent one income. Even with a $30,000 pay raise, we didn’t have enough money to offset for the HUGE cost of living increase. (East coasters, go ahead and laugh. I was a super naive 30-year-old.) Our Utah house went into foreclosure, debt piled up, creditors called non-stop, and I had zero support system to help me through the dark times. Then it happened — we had to commit Deb to a psychiatric hospital.

I was alone and I was scared.

Whatever I Did Wasn’t Enough

Just changing jobs wasn’t enough. Making over $100K a year wasn’t enough. Being in a niche industry with super coveted and highly desirable skills wasn’t enough. I still found myself at our local church group asking for help to put food on my family’s table.

The shame was real — the fear that maybe I was not enough.

Then my dog died and I couldn’t keep it together anymore. It was the final straw that not only broke me but sent me on my own journey of healing and self-discovery that ultimately changed the way I saw myself, my money, and my relationships.

Money Starts Talking to Me

That darkness was a powerful teacher and it led me deep into personal development work. I’ll never forget the moment at a Body Language Extreme seminar I was attending that I realized I had a mission — a purpose beyond technology. I stood in this group of strangers, declaring my new purpose with boldness and power. “I don’t need others’ approval,” I said. “They can either get on my train or get out of the way.”

And I haven’t stopped. I can’t. Not until we’ve changed the way we talk to and about money.

See, I discovered I had a gift… an affinity for money. I can talk to it and, even stranger, it talks back. And when I implemented what it told me, it changed my world. My relationships with myself, my wife, and my God improved. My stress (no matter the circumstances) almost disappeared.

And, of course, my pay increased by the tens of thousands until I finally left corporate to pursue this work of leading innovators and industry disruptors to the same thing I’d found — power in my decision making, control in my pocketbook, and leadership in my field.

If you want more income + impact, it's NOT about your skill set.

Please hear me. If my story can show you anything, let it be that it is NOT about your skills. If you’re reading this page, you are already skilled. The gap is believing that you are able to create prosperity and the structure to demonstrate it’s a real thing.

And I’m Not Alone in Saying It.

Wealth is a game of emotion.

“Wealth is a game of emotion. Business success is a game of emotion. It all comes down to the stories we tell ourselves about what we’re doing.”

Mike Michalowicz, Profit First

Let’s quiet those visceral reactions to money.


Working with Joe was powerful.

“At first, I was worried about sharing all of my uncomfortable money stuff with someone. But I was really impressed by Joe’s thoughtful perspective. He’s direct but kind. He will challenge you and won’t let you get away with anything, but he also has a warm ear and makes the whole process enjoyable. Money Mastery Playbook was totally worth the time and investment!”

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