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Rewire Your Brain So You Can Generate Enough Money to Reach Your Big Dream

The End Goal Workshop

There’s nothing more frustrating than the squeeze of uncontrolled chaos. It feels like nothing is ever good enough. 

But the problem isn’t on paper and it’s not in your bank account. It’s in your relationship with money.

Hi, I’m Dr. Joe Burns — the Money Master. I train innovators and industry disruptors to take command of the money in their life so they can better exert power in their decision making, to control their pocketbooks, and to excel in leadership in their field.

Simply put, I talk to your money.

The cool part? It talks back — and it has a lot to say.

Using the best practices of both the scientific and intuitive worlds, I put shape around that message to provide you simple, actionable steps that calm the chaos and give you control over your relationship with money. 

Every great leader has a story behind why there isn’t enough money to achieve their goals, until “there is.”


Flipping the script.

As a speaker, trainer, and coach…

I train clients to identify then rewrite the programs, thoughts, and behaviors that actively push money away.

On Average, my clients have more than doubled their monthly revenues and all of my clients have seen incredible personal results. Why does that matter? Because the uncontrolled chaos you feel is never about the money, it’s always an underlying fear that irrationally demands poor decision-making and results.

The Attitudes of Money

10 Proven Principles to Build the Structure that Generates the Type of Money You Want. This free PDF download + email guide walks you through the 10 principles of money alignment that are keeping you from reaching your goal. Change your Attitude, change your results.

Speaking + Workshops

Using examples from his life and audience hot-seats, Joe identifies the most common money stories he hears and shows your people how to change them in order to reap the results they’ve been seeking. He’s the perfect complement to any business strategy program, podcast, or event.

The Money Mastery Playbook

An exclusive, one-on-one power-packed coaching program that provides the structure & tools designed to help innovators + industry disruptors command more power in their decision-making, control in their pocketbook, and leadership in their field.


Following that one step led to more than doubling my business income.

“Joe Burns is a coach that meets you where you are and gives you the steps and the confidence to achieve your goals. Joe gave me a simple, powerful step that led to my asking someone to invest in me and they said ‘Yes’. Following that one step led to more than doubling my business income and the courage to ask for what I considered to be ‘impossible’ things.”

Lynne Maureen Hurdle, The Conflict Closer

From Our Founder

More Money Won’t Solve Your Problems

The most common thing I hear disruptors say is, “If only I can hit the $100K mark then all my problems will be solved.” Yeah – that’s not how this works.

The truth? There is no Promised Land on the other side of $100K.

Or $250K or $500K either…


NextGen Millionaire Minute

The Three Lenses Through Which We See and Understand Money

The Three Lenses Through Which We See and Understand Money

Whether we are conscious of it or not, there are three lenses through which we view money, others, and, most importantly, ourselves. They exist in every money story and in every principle I teach. They are: …Money Mindset…Money Trauma…Money and Racism MINDSET: This is...

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Stop Being Your Own Oppressor

Stop Being Your Own Oppressor

These last few weeks the conflict between Russia and Ukraine has been heavy on my heart. The subjugation and oppression of people is never okay. Unfortunately, it happens all the time. On the world stage, it looks like dictators and tyrants violently enforcing their...

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Would you be ready to exceed $100k monthly income?

Would you be ready to exceed $100k monthly income?

CLIENT CASE STUDY Role: Newly Promoted CFOGoal: Manage current cash flow and find ways to increase future cash flowProblem: Lack of boundaries & belief that people/resources would show up Attitude(s) We Addressed: Boundaries & CommandIntangible Result: Client...

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