The chaotic state of the economy right now has a lot of people buying into a specific story.

The story: there isn’t enough money.

For business owners, believing this story is impacting their confidence in asking for the sale. I hear them saying things like, “No one has money. I feel like I’m taking from people. If I don’t discount my rates, I’ll lose clients.”

If you’re confident in your abilities and skills, there is still a ton of opportunity for making money.

So here’s my 3-2-1 on the Attitude of Confidence in your relationship with money – regardless of the state of the economy.


I. Money responds to a confident person. When we show up confidently in our own skill sets, beliefs, relationships with others, it leads to more opportunities and more income.

II. How we show up in the world is how people are going to perceive us. If you’re timid in your pitch, your future client will second guess your ability and their purchase. If you show up confidently, then they’ll trust you are the right person to provide the solution they’re looking for.

III. Old stories (“I’m not good enough,” “They’ll never pay for that,” etc.) will prevent us from asking for money. When old stories show up in our sales conversations, we lower our prices, offer discounts, or provide new (inferior) offers we wouldn’t otherwise.


I. Determine which old story is showing up for you around asking for money and then rewrite or reframe it by listing evidence that proves it’s wrong.

II. Practice your pitch before the sales conversation to prevent creating an emotionally-reactive offer at the moment.


I. What stories are you projecting onto your future client or yourself that are preventing you from “making the sale?”

For more help with your stories, refer to my 3-2-1 on Boundaries.

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