The world is out of rhythm right now. From the fights between local and national leaders to “do we wear masks?” — everyone feels two steps off in this global dance we’re experiencing.

This has people out of sync with themselves and their money.


The flow (or rhythm) of money is like a dance. When dance partners are in sync, their steps are matched, they’re on the beat, and the next movement comes naturally.

When these partners are out of sync, they step on each other, slide out of tempo, and stumble into the next move, with one partner always ahead or behind the other.

To get back in rhythm with your money here’s my 3-2-1 on the Attitude of Flow.


I. Money is like water. It’s a life-sustaining resource that when stagnant offers no support and when moving too quickly, can be destructive.

II. Like a tide, we want money to flow in and out of our shore in a steady rhythm.

III. Being in sync with our money requires understanding the way money is flowing through our lives. Are we two steps ahead (The money I want/need isn’t coming in fast enough…) or two steps behind (The money I have can’t be spent because it won’t come back…)?


I. Identify where you are and where you want to be. (Am I making enough? Saving enough? Spending enough? Keeping enough?)

II. Add movement into your life. This could be dancing, art, running. Find something that allows you to get into a rhythm with yourself. Finding the rhythm with yourself will help you find the rhythm with your money.


I. Where do I feel two steps ahead or two steps behind myself? My money? My clients?


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