I’ve recently received several calls and emails (from both old and new clients) sharing more great results. 

One client recently generated $150,000 in new revenue in about 7 weeks. This was after they came to me because they were frustrated they were NOT hitting their goals. 

What did we do? 

We followed all of the simple steps and principles I’ve been sharing with you. 

We started by evaluating their Attitudes of Money and determining where they were efficient and deficient. And then we took it from there. 

Reassessing your Attitudes of Money is the best way to begin because it gives you a very precise starting point. From looking at our attitudes and actions, we can then dive into the deeper unresolved issues blocking us from our financial goals and, ultimately, our impact. 

Because really it’s not about the money. It’s about the impact we want to make. It just so happens money is a resource to take us there. 

Here’s the 3-2-1 on getting results. 



  1. Evaluating our actions is the first step. When we look at why we are performing certain actions and dig deeper into the emotion driving that behavior, we can then change the action.
  2. The journey is always on the inside. Our internal feelings, beliefs, and old stories influence our outward actions and results.
  3. Our relationship with money is key and understanding that relationship is right there in the numbers if we are willing to review and reflect. 


  1. Look at your numbers. The patterns, trends, peaks, and valleys in your numbers are telling you a story.
  2. Look at your actions and how these are creating the story you see in your numbers. If you keep taking the same actions, you will keep getting the same results.



1. What different actions will I take to get different results? 


Discover my story and the actions I took to go from having a house in foreclosure to becoming the Money Master.


To your impact and legacy, 

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