what’s your attitude going to be, moving forward into 2021?

For some, they rocked 2020 so they feel unstoppable. They’ll keep pushing forward, building off all they accomplished the year before. They’ll reach goals and get results.

For those who resent last year, they’ll carry it with them, slow themselves down, and block themselves from getting results.

People challenge me on this all the time.

I know how hard life can be. I remember moments of feeling like everything sucked and wanting to just give up.

But I realized I couldn’t subscribe to that fleeting feeling. I needed to change my inside game and change my approach.

We have a choice. We can either blame the world, roll over and decide that’s good enough, or we can change our attitude and change our results.

If you want something different in 2021, it’s time to approach life differently and you get a whole new year to do it.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on why your attitude determines your results.



  1. We are what we think and our results are directly related to our actions. If we think we can’t accomplish something, we can’t. If we take no action (or the wrong ones), we get no results.
  2. Life can be hard and messy, but it doesn’t have control over your next steps or final outcomes. We have to choose to let go, change our attitude, and change our approach.
  3. In 2020 we learned how much could happen outside of our control and what we were capable of. Now we know. This year we can take what last year taught us and jump back in the driver’s seat.  


  1. Check your attitude. Ask yourself how you’re feeling about this year.
  2. Check your baggage. Make a list of what you’re carrying over from last year. Be aware of what is helpful and what is harmful in achieving the results you want. 


  1. What impact do I want to make in 2021?

Let me know what impact you want to make! Send me an email and tell me how you will impact our world in 2021.

To your impact and legacy,