January has not started off the way I planned. It’s been full of unexpected and unsettling things — both personally and globally. That’s okay. It’s made me remember something that I learned a long time ago.

Chaos can be good. Chaos, even just little shakeups outside of the status quo, are merely indications that something has to change. 

In 2008, when my wife and I were fighting our way through financial trouble and her struggling mental health, it felt like a lot. Too much, really. 

Yet out of that chaos came incredible new ways forward, both financially and emotionally. This didn’t just create a greater impact in our relationship but also in our professional lives. 

We’ve both experienced more happiness and more success as a result of what we learned from that time in our life.

The key was remembering the path we were on. Where we wanted to go was still the same, but how we were going to get there was what changed.

By continuing to work toward our original goal, we came to the other side and it turned out to be more of what we wanted and still felt good to us.

If we can look at these chaotic and unsettled moments as signs, and still continue down our path, we can make more cash, and be more successful. 

In the end, we’ll make the impact we want to make. 

Here’s the 3-2-1 on why chaos can be good.



  1. Chaos is an indication that it’s time to uplevel.
  2. Chaos is uncomfortable, but it’s necessary for our transformation. It’s shaking up our normal routine so we see something different.
  3. When we see chaos in our lives, if we hold to the path where we were going then the chaos will settle and order will ensue.


  1. Go back and find the moments in your life when chaos existed. Write them down.
  2. Examine these moments and create evidence of the results that followed.


  1. When chaos occurs, what do I usually do and what can I change?

Want to know more about the time we overcame the chaos in our lives? Check out my About page.

To your impact and legacy,