Across the country people are wanting nothing more than stability. They want to feel some sense of control in the midst of the chaos.

We don’t know how much longer the pandemic will rage on. We don’t know yet when the economy will improve. We don’t know how the transition of power will go in January.

Most of these things are out of our hands. We have no control over any of them. (I know – that doesn’t really make anyone feel better, right?)

What we do have control of is ourselves and how we choose to show up in the world.

Being consistent in who we are not only provides us some stability in the day-to-day, but it also offers stability to those we interact with.

WE create the assurance that things are going to be okay, even in a time when things are not okay.

And in that stability, our people feel safe.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Consistency.



  1. Our most powerful stability comes from the inside out. It won’t matter what is happening in politics, pandemics or other people if we learn how to be stable within ourselves first.
  2. Our inner stability will automatically create an air of confidence, steadiness, and permanence outside of us. Others will read us as safe, grounded, and long-lasting – a good investment of their time, energy, love, and money.
  3. When people feel safe to live, they feel safe to spend. Our job is to show up consistently, in integrity, and with the aligned solution that will best meet their needs.



  1. Define what stability looks like to you.
  2. Identify where in your life that needs to improve.



  1. How can I provide more stability for myself and others?

Want help making your life feel stable even in a world of chaos? Email me with “Yes” and I’ll send you more information on a special opportunity I’m opening up for a handful of people.

Don’t let next year be just like this one.

To your impact and legacy,