The end of the year is a popular time for reflection. We survey what we accomplished and what we didn’t.

What I notice is that when it comes to people reflecting on the money they made, they spend too much time on the amount itself and not enough on the story it tells.

When we really examine the number of numerals next to the dollar sign, they can show us what may have been present and what may have been lacking in achieving our end result.

Part of planning for next year is understanding how this year went—what actions or beliefs attributed to or hindered our financial success, and what feelings showed up as we worked toward those goals.

So as we plod along through this last month of a very unprecedented year, I want to focus our conversation on getting geared up for 2021.

There is no one particular Attitude of Money this falls under, so for this week, I’m just offering some general insight to help shape your next step in planning your new financial goals.


Here’s the 3-2-1 on getting set for your next goals:



  1. The end result is not about the actual amount of money earned, but the actions that were taken and the attitudes that were held that achieved the goal.
  2. When we hone in on how we emote about money, it can change what we do next. When we change what we do, we get a different result.
  3. Setting goals is one of the most important things we can do for our businesses because it inspires us to take action, but when we set them, we need to make them realistic. Unrealistic goals can easily overwhelm us and cause us to shut down. Setting an unrealistic goal is just as bad as setting no goal at all.



  1. Reflect on the goals you reached and those you didn’t and notice the emotions that come up. Why are you feeling that way?
  2. Celebrate your accomplishments, including any steps you took on the goals you didn’t reach. (Even when you don’t achieve a goal, it doesn’t mean there weren’t attempts made.)



  1. What do I want to have happen next year and what actions will be required?

Take action. Don’t let next year be just like this one. Let me help. Apply today to work with me. 

To your impact and legacy,