Last week inside my Procedures for Prosperity™ group we did a one-week accountability challenge.

In theory, it was simple.

Each day we would log on together and spend just a few minutes sharing what we were aiming to achieve that day.

Within just a few days, it was easy to see how accountability was shaping people’s interaction with their money goals.

Because they had to show up and report, participants were forced to…

?Quickly identify what was or wasn’t working.
?Call out the old beliefs blocking them from taking action.
?Move through any money meltdowns.
?And choose back into action (instead of hiding).

The result?


The amount of new money varied. What became super apparent, though, was how fast people can get results with consistent, daily action toward their goals.

(We also had a few breakthroughs on how EASY making money can actually be.)

Accountability is important.

It takes all that we are internalizing about money and goals, and expresses it outside of us in a way that allows us to see, process, and release the fear-based mindsets keeping us from success.

Because truthfully, when we are just flying solo, it’s easier to get stuck in the same old patterns.

Which keeps us on the hamster wheel, working extra hard while making not enough money.

We need accountability.

And for accountability to exist, we need COMMUNITY.

We need at least ONE other person to check in with us, champion us, and cheer us on.

This isn’t about shaming the other person if they don’t hit their targets, but about helping them overcome that challenge and keep going.

AND, it’s about celebrating the action they’re taking towards their goals, not just the results.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on accountability and community.


  1. Accountability – with someone OUTSIDE of ourselves – forces us to be hyper-aware of the relationship between our thoughts, emotions, actions, and results. When we can see what’s REALLY happening, we become empowered to fix anything that’s not working.
  2. To have accountability, we must have community. Someone to keep us honest with ourselves, our actions, and our goals. You plus one other person counts.
  3. Shame is not required, or even helpful when keeping ourselves or others accountable. Shame forces people into hiding, not into growth. (Think about that the next time you choose to berate yourself for not hitting your money goal.)


  1. If you don’t already have one, find an accountability partner or group who can support your bold goal for this year. You could use the NextGen Millionaire FB group or – if you’re looking for more personalized support – join us in Procedures for Prosperity™.
  2. Create an accountability call schedule with this person or group and commit to meeting with them consistently.


  1. Why do I resist being accountable to others?

If you want me in your pocket to help you reach your money goals… establishing a goal that will stretch you, identifying the blocks and money stories getting in your way, giving you an action plan to get through it… and you’re ready to SHOW UP FOR YOU, meet me in Procedures for Prosperity™.

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