One of my favorite podcasts is Freakonomics.

The other day they had an episode on Toxic Positivity, which I define as a culture of people who fake “doing great” – a.k.a. “I’m fine” – so they can fit in.

That’s what makes it toxic – the rule that we must be happy or positive ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

The truth? It’s okay to NOT be okay.

And that will look different for each of us.

If you were to ask me how many days a year I’m happy, I would tell you 364.

I mean it!

BUT am I happy for ALL 24 hours in EVERY SINGLE one of those days?

The answer is no.

I have my come aparts. I’m sad… maybe a little depressed. I even get grumpy.

I am definitely NOT okay in every moment of every day.

But what I’ve learned to do is master my emotions in a way that I can have the come aparts and still reset myself so I can figure out what’s not working and how to fix it.

I LIKE being in a state of joy.

So does money.

Because joy is the flow of the Universe. It’s an enabling power that supports our visions and goals rather than a disabling power that keeps us stuck.

And I get it.

There are all kinds of things that can pull us out of our happiness: money, relationships, job, etc.

YET… WE are powerful enough to decide how we’re going to allow those things to affect us.

Are we going to wallow in negativity? Which would have us STEWING in emotion rather than feeling it. This takes the power from what we can control (ourselves and our next steps) and gives it to what we can’t control (outside people and situations).

Or are we going to look for the reset? To reach for the resources that can help us get back to a state where we love being alive and love the situation we’re in?

Happiness is a state of being we choose into.

That’s why we’ve been talking about meltdowns for the past couple of months now.

Our emotional state impacts our thoughts which influences our behavior which determines our results.

If we want more money, more opportunities, more joy in our businesses… we MUST honor and address the emotions coming up inside of us instead of hiding behind the toxic “I’m fine.”

When you take control of your happiness, you flex the muscle that will also allow you to take control of your money.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on happiness and money.


  1. Happiness is a state of being we choose into. There is no such thing as “too happy” or “not happy enough.” Instead, our state of being needs to be authentic to us.
  2. Being “not okay” will NOT drive money away. We all have ebbs and flows. However, wallowing in negativity can pull us out of the flow of the Universe and unconsciously push people, income, and opportunities away.
  3. The muscle we use to reset our emotions is the same one we use to build a positive relationship with money. When we can be honest with ourselves about how we are really feeling and then make the adjustments to reset and get back to a state of being we love, we also empower ourselves to solve any money issue we may run into.


  1. Stop lying to yourself that you’re “fine” or “okay” when you’re not. Instead, own where you are in this moment and look for the “reset” to get you back to your preferred state of being.
  2. Reach for your Stop the Money Meltdown guide the next time you notice yourself spiraling and complete the steps


  1. Am I in the state of being I want to be in? If not, why?

The conversation that sparked today’s millionaire minute was really incredible. My team couldn’t even begin to capture the wisdom dropped in this 15-minute video. Check it out on YouTube – and don’t forget to subscribe while you’re there.

Everyone has meltdowns. And I mean everyone. That’s why mapping your unique cycle is a foundation of the work we do together in Procedures for Prosperity™. And not just mapping, but pushing you past your comfort zone to experience the meltdown while we’re together.

Right now, that looks like a 1-week, money maker challenge in the group. And the come aparts are REAL. So are the results. Being able to move through the meltdowns together means people aren’t getting stuck in the emotion or the false story. Instead, they’re seeing THOUSANDS OF NEW DOLLARS they hadn’t planned on flow into their businesses.

THAT is the work of mastering emotion to master money.

You in?

To your impact and legacy,