We all want order in our lives and the feeling of being in control.

So we create routines and utilize systems to help.

When it comes to our businesses it may look like routinely looking at our P&L statement or projecting our monthly revenue or regularly evaluating our offers and pricing.

Systems are great for keeping ourselves organized, staying focused on what’s important, and even having a historical record.

At the same time, our systems, like anything else, can become outdated and no longer helpful.

Since I was in IT forever, I’m going to use a software analogy.

When a new application is first developed it’s the “it” thing for solving some kind of customer problem.

But that application evolves as developers become more aware of the other wants or needs of the customer.

Suddenly we have the 2.0 version that’s now better than the last one.

Now, back to my point about our systems inside our business.

If we start to see stagnant results and a lack of traction, there’s a chance our systems are no longer working for us.

They were effective in getting us to our current level, but now something has to shift again in order to create new growth and new results.

As we need more or need something different, our systems need an upgrade.

I’m not suggesting getting rid of them altogether.

We need to find which systems are still working and which aren’t. We need to get innovative about how we are using them or whether we need to adjust them.

When we hold onto the system that helped us get where we are now, we aren’t going to get any further.

Same systems, same results.

Different systems, different results.


Here’s the 3-2-1 on the Attitude of Growth when it comes to our systems.


  1. The Attitude of Growth teaches us there will be a point when we become stagnant. When that happens, it’s a sign we need to disrupt or change something in order for new growth to happen and new results to manifest.
  2. As we grow and expand, we’ll need different people and different systems to help us reach new levels.
  3. Our current systems hold us to the status quo and when we start to challenge them and innovate them, we initiate our next level of growth.


  1. Join the Master Your Money Stress 5-day challenge to disrupt your current status quo. (Click on the link for more details.)
  2. Even if you’re not going to join us next week, talk to your money. Ask it what it thinks about your current systems and see what it says.


  1. Which of my systems are keeping me where I am instead of helping me grow?

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