Ask anyone what stresses them out regularly and I bet most have “money” – or finances, or bills, or budget – on their list.

There’s nothing quite like looking at our bank accounts to trigger an emotional response.

It makes sense. Money is the main resource we use to trade and survive.

Whether we can pay our bills, save for something we want, do something fun, or even give that gift to a person we care about is all tied to the money we have.

We have an expectation of what we need to make our lives work and anything that falls below that threshold can send us into a tailspin.

That’s because the way we think about our money is with a scarcity mindset.

We look at what’s not there and whether we can make do with what is.

The problem with this is that it becomes a huge energy drain.

When we sit in a rut, angry and irritable about the money we don’t have, we are not pursuing avenues and opportunities for making the money we want.

This is all counterproductive.

Instead of expending some of our most precious resources (our own time and energy) stressing about our bank accounts, we need to shift our focus to what we CAN do.

✅ Meeting new people.
✅ Creating meaningful connections.
✅ Serving our clients.
✅ Trying new things.

Because stressing over money will never produce more money.

Whereas using that same energy to make a decision, to act, and to be productive… will.


Here’s the 3-2-1 on NOT stressing about the money.


  1. Money causes stress in our lives because of our scarcity mindset that focuses on what isn’t there more than what is there or what is possible.
  2. The enormous amount of energy we expend on stressing about money is better utilized by looking for ways to make more money.
  3. When we sit in the rut of stressing about money, we’re robbing ourselves of not just future possibilities, but of the joy that already exists in this current moment.


  1. Create your own money stack and speak with it every day. This will improve your relationship with money which will increase your money.
  2. Write down the story you have about the money in your bank account and then burn it to release that idea and make space for a new one.


  1. How can I use the energy I’m wasting when I stress about money to do something that would actually make me money?

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