Last week we were visiting my brother-in-law and he’s pretty into virtual reality (VR). He has all these headsets and games for him and his family to play.

So Debbie and I tried it out and admittedly, they’re a lot of fun.

There was this one game that involved blocks flying toward my face. It was so real, I couldn’t help but move out of the way or lift my arms up to protect myself.

That is, until I hit a wall. A real one in the physical world.

Which got me thinking about perception versus reality when it comes to our money.

The money stories we carry seem so real to us that we will actually avoid necessary action or ignore looming problems based on perception instead of what’s factual.

If our money story tells us we can’t make more, or that money always leaves as fast as it comes, or that having too much of it makes us bad… then that’s the world we live in.

Except usually our money story is just that – a story. It’s a perception. An alternative reality.

We can’t always see this for ourselves. Just like I couldn’t see the physical wall I was coming up against when I had the VR goggles on.

That’s why I hire coaches to show me those proverbial ‘walls’ and help me pull off the goggles so I can see clearly.

If we want more money and more impact, we need to look at our money stories and start paying attention to what’s actually happening.


Here’s the 3-2-1 on facing the reality.


  1. Our perceptions create our reality.
  2. We must examine our perceptions carefully and identify what’s real and what’s not if we are to change the story and create new results in our businesses.
  3. Usually our perceptions feel so real that it’s hard for us to see anything different. We must be willing to reach out for help, hiring the right coaches or choosing into the right experiences that will reflect back actual truth.


  1. Determine if you are ready to challenge your reality. Do you actually want a different result than you’ve had?
  2. If yes, let’s talk about your next step. (Only if you’re serious about making more money.)


  1. What is one way I can challenge the reality of my current situation?

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