A couple of years ago a client texted me frantically. She had just been gifted a lot of money and she was freaking out.

“What did you say in response?” I asked her.

“I asked them if they were sure?” she replied, clearly feeling unworthy and undeserving of the gift.

“What if you just said Thank You?” I texted back.

This scenario isn’t unusual.

When we receive money, win a new client, are offered a deal, or are celebrated we get awkward. Our brain starts coming up with alternate stories that undercut what we’ve just received.

Instead of saying “Thank you,” we issue explanations of why we did whatever we did that led to whatever we got.

We are seriously uncomfortable with any celebration of ourselves that is tied to our own accomplishments and yet money loves celebration energy.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Accomplishment.



  1. We are uncomfortable when people celebrate us because it means we are being seen as ourselves. When we are seen, we often feel we (as well as our accomplishments) aren’t enough, therefore others’ celebrations of us are undeserved.
  2. When we offer explanations instead of simply saying “Thank you,” and receiving recognition, money, or praise, we push away the very energy giving us what we ultimately want.
  3. If we want to receive more money, we need to get comfortable saying “Thank you.” Those two words are all we need to say.



  1. Challenge yourself this week to say “Thank you” without explaining why you did something.
  2. Create a list of this week’s accomplishments and celebrate them without qualifying them.



  1. Why do I struggle simply saying “Thank you”?

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