I was on LinkedIn the other day reading one of my connection’s latest posts. I don’t know this guy personally, but I read a lot of his stuff. 

He was complaining about how many business coaches have pitched to him models for increasing his revenue by 10x even after he’s told them he’s not interested.

He’s tired of people not listening to what he’s saying. 

These coaches are following some script, focused on their end result — to get this guy to buy into their methods so they can close a deal — which makes this guy feel used and taken advantage of. 

What struck me about this was that this scenario perfectly mirrors how most of us engage with our money.

A lot of us approach our money like, “This is what I need from you… OK?” and that’s the only time we interact with it. 

Unless it doesn’t come through for us and then we are all over it: “Come on, how come you didn’t x, y, and z…”

We treat our money as though it’s just a mechanism for getting what we want. 

No healthy and productive relationship has ever been based on one person using the other for their own gain. 

We need to interact with our money differently, talk with it daily, and listen to it consistently. 

We need to have a relationship with our money like we would have a relationship with any other person in our life where there is mutual respect and exchange of value. 

Our most powerful relationships offer us the most return. It’s no different with money. 


Here’s the 3-2-1 on your relationship with money.


  1. When we treat our money as a real relationship instead of just a mechanism to get what we want, we make more money. With more money, we make more impact.
  2. Our money is always talking to us; the key is to listen. When we don’t listen, we make our money feel used — that it only matters to us when it’s doing something for us. No relationship really lasts when one party feels taken advantage of by the other.
  3. Relationships are what we really need in life. The things we experience from other people, the wisdom and collaboration, that’s invaluable. Our relationship with money is just as important.


  1. Talk to your money every day.
  2. Write down what it says.


  1. Is my relationship with money where I want it to be?

What is your attitude towards your money relationship? Find out in my download The Attitudes of Money.

To your impact and legacy,