This is not a political post.

But while we inch our way to election day, the media is ripe with examples of the Attitude of Confidence. 

The Attitude of Confidence suggests that when you exude belief and trust in yourself (including what you say and how you act), others will follow. 

So, looking at political candidates, those who are confident in what they promote and say (regardless of the actual nature of their statements) will influence constituents. 

Consider your own vote. Are you going to give it to the person with more conviction about what they’re “selling” or less? 

Or, consider your role as a consumer. When you purchase something, do you choose a provider who appears to know what they’re doing or someone who comes across as inexperienced? 

Whether you’re conscious of it or not, you choose to follow people with confidence. 

If you want people to follow you by purchasing your products or services, you have to be the one who exhibits confidence in all you say, do, and offer. 


Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Confidence.



  1. Confidence can be more influential than truth.
  2. As leaders and industry disruptors, when we combine confidence with truth we create powerful relationships that last. It gives us longevity in the marketplace, not just income, and leads to the influence, impact, and legacy we desire.
  3. All confidence is built on convictions — the things we strongly believe or know to be true about us or our work. If we are struggling to exhibit confidence, we need to return to our convictions.




  1. Inventory your offers. Do you really believe in everything you are selling? If not, what needs to be upgraded or released so you can feel 100% confident in your services?
  2. Pay attention to how you sell yourself and your business. Embellishment is an indicator that you lack confidence in yourself or offer. Are you sharing accurate information or are you embellishing the truth?




  1. What positive convictions do I already hold about myself and my work?


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