I have felt barraged by the country’s political unrest and the violence and injustice toward black and brown people.

What’s more apparent each day is how the people with the most resources have the power to control those with less. 

So what if we had all the money we could imagine. What legacy could we leave behind that would actually better humanity? 

Because I know that’s what we ultimately want. I hear it all the time from clients. They want to talk about the impact they’ll have on the world. The legacy they’ll leave after they’re gone. 

It’s never about the money. Yet, without money, we are just broke with a dream. 

Money is the critical resource to actually create the change we want to see and the impact we want to make. 


Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Accomplishment.




  1. We aren’t going to leave a legacy if we are broke. People and other resources are valuable, but money is important to the conversation because it drives the end result.
  2. Working on each Attitude of Money helps strengthen our mindset and increase our cash flow, but it isn’t enough. We also must elevate those around us and consider whether the money we make is just for us or part of something greater.
  3. Creating a legacy is not only about leaving our imprint on the world, but being remembered for the contributions we made to society.




  1. If you’ve lost sight of your legacy, write it down. (But don’t give it a timeline. Just work towards it every day.)
  2. Give back to your community or donate to an organization you support. Goodwill and generosity breeds that in return.  




  1. What am I doing every day to create the legacy I want to leave behind?


If you found this NextGen Millionaire Minute helpful, send it to a friend or associate that would benefit from the conversation.  I tell you my full story and what I’m doing to leave a legacy on my About page. I don’t hold back. Check it out. 

To your impact and legacy,