Growth isn’t just about the number of 0s at the end of your bank account. It’s also about understanding what “container” you are ready for. 

Can you even see the number you’re aiming for? Do you have the systems in place to support it? Even deeper, do you trust yourself to hit that goal? 

If you haven’t gotten aligned with yourself, the space available to your money remains limited. 

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Growth. 


  1. Attitude of Growth tells us where we’re at, where we want to go, and if we’ve gone too far. Awareness is the first key to all transformation. Until we know where we are, we can’t determine how to change to get to where we want to go. 
  2. When our revenue is high but our profit is low, this is an indication that there is a mismatch between our cash flow and the mindset and systems we have in place to support it. We will spend it, give it away, sabotage our business, etc. in order to get back to the “container” (aka monetary amount) we feel most comfortable in.
  3. We first need to fill the “container” we’re in – whether that be a $25K container or a $250K container – before we can move to the next one. So we need to be honest with ourselves about where we are now (our mindset, systems, team, offers, etc.) and what that next possible goal actually is.  


A seedling in a small container



  1. Inventory your current situation. (Do I have the client load I want? Do I have the types of clients I want or do I need to let some go? Do I need to move to packaged pricing or increase my rates? Do I have the systems and team in place to support growth?)
  2. Set up a system to help you see how you’ll get to your next goal. (Warning: if you’re feeling resistance about the next level, you might not be ready for it because you can’t see that amount yet, so adjust your goal.) 




  1. What do I need to do to get to the next level?


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