I love working with entrepreneurs and visionaries, but you wouldn’t believe how many want to create million-dollar businesses yet won’t take the first step to get there. 

That’s like someone saying they’ll hike Mount Everest when they haven’t tried hiking before.

Whatever our end goal is – whether it’s income or impact-based – it requires consistent action to get from point A to point B. 

We aren’t going to become consistent in something we aren’t even doing.

The actions we take don’t have to be complicated or hard. One simple step each day is all it takes to gain the momentum we need.

The more momentum and consistency, the more trust and confidence we build in ourselves. That trust and confidence eventually lends itself to more powerful relationships and a flourishing business.   

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Consistency.



  1. You can’t become consistent in something you don’t start and you can’t go where you want to go without taking the steps to get there.
  2. The first step in becoming consistent is setting a specific goal, making an actionable plan, and then taking the first step. (Then, another and another).
  3. Creating good habits and developing trust in ourselves requires consistent action. Consistency leads to self-trust and confidence which leads to flourishing relationships and a flourishing business.



  1. Determine one goal for the week. Make that goal specific. (For example, “I’ll connect with three people on LinkedIn.” versus “I’ll network with people.”) 
  2. Make a plan for completing your goal that includes one simple action each day.



  1. What is standing in my way of taking the first (or next) step in my business?


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