I work with a lot of clients who get stuck inside their business.

When they’re stuck, they’re not making any money.

Inevitably, I end up asking them whether they’re passionate about what they do.

Are they excited to get up and get going each morning? Do they remember why they got into business to begin with?

For some, the excitement has waned or was never really there.

For others, it’s that things have gotten hard and they don’t know what to do next.

When business gets tough, people either quit or get distracted by something bright and shiny.

My goal is to try to help them return to the passion that once fueled them to go into business in the first place, or encourage them to find it.

Because I know that passion is directly connected to the Attitude of Command, which says that we KNOW money will be there for us. Money WILL show up.

When we have passion for what we are doing, we are motivated to keep going regardless.

We are not as easily distracted.

We are more willing to try different things to get better results.

But when we don’t care, and don’t feel that excitement, we lack drive and determination.

We get stuck in our current state.

And we toy with quitting or giving up.

Which would be a shame.

Your huge vision for the world and the impact you want to make are worthy pursuits and there is money out there to achieve them.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on the Attitude of Command and passion.


  1. If we don’t have passion for what we do, we’ll stop altogether or we’ll get shiny object syndrome and jump around. When we continue to disrupt our momentum it’s hard to make money. When we stop, the money stops.
  2. The Attitude of Command is knowing money will be there. Not hoping, not having faith – KNOWING. This connects with passion because when we follow our passion (the thing that really drives us) money shows up. Passion + Command = Money.
  3. We need to KNOW that if we show up with passion – day in and day out – to accomplish what we’ve set out to do, money will follow. When we do the work and trust ourselves that we will accomplish the thing we’ve set out to do. Money is the byproduct.


  1. Evaluate whether you’re passionate about what you’re doing right now or if you need to explore something else.
  2. Write down a money goal and proceed with passion. Worry less about how the money will come and focus more on what you’ve set out to do. See what happens.


  1. Am I passionate about what I’m doing?

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