I saw a money mindset and abundance coach on social the other day starting a dialogue about how she didn’t think she should have to pay taxes.

I found this statement interesting because, to me, true money abundance is having so much that you are able to take care of all your needs, including funds to help support the society you benefit from.

Instead of focusing on what she has, she was focusing on who was taking it. That’s lack or scarcity, not abundance.

So often abundance is taught incorrectly.

There’s a focus on manifestation, the law of attraction, and positive thinking, but rarely are we zeroing in on what a person is actually saying or thinking that is keeping them in scarcity.

For example, I hear a lot of people tell me they don’t have time. There is never enough, they are always running out, and they need more hours in the day.

And in the very next breath, they’re telling me about binge-watching Squid Game on Netflix.

I’m not against binge-watching anything or using your time how you see fit.

What I want to call attention to is the story we are telling ourselves.

The story that there is never enough, that we’re always running out, and we need more.

So are we actually in lack – whether money, time, energy, etc. – or are we using our resources in ways that don’t fulfill us as much as we want?

Scarcity is a parlor trick.

We have an abundance, we just aren’t focused on it.

If we always focus on what’s not there and don’t recognize what is, we’ll never get what we want.

Think about any friendship. If your friend was constantly telling you that you’re never there for them, despite all the times you are, would you want to keep giving to that relationship?

The same goes for money.

Everything – how much we have and how much we don’t – will always hinge on the quality of our relationship with money.

Money is there for you, you don’t have to go searching for it. Be its friend and the money will come in.


Here’s the 3-2-1 on the Attitude of Abundance.


  1. We can think about abundance all day long and have a positive mindset but that doesn’t mean we are free of scarcity. What we say matters and it’s a good indicator of whether or not we are truly operating from the Attitude of Abundance.
  2. If we keep telling ourselves we don’t have enough time to do what we desire or enough money to contribute to society, we’ll believe us. Instead of looking at what is being taken from us, we need to focus on what we do have and what we can create.
  3. Part of improving our relationship with money is acknowledging where it IS showing up for us. We must shift our perspective about each of our resources, otherwise, we’ll never get what we want.


  1. Notice how often you talk or think about what you don’t have instead of what you do.
  2. Fix your broken relationship with your money by watching my FREE Prosperity EQ training.


  1. What in my life is abundant?

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