Every summer as a kid my family would plant a huge garden on a plot of land right next to my grandmother’s place.

There was always an amount of prep work involved before actually planting seeds.

Once the ground was thawed from winter, we had to take the plow out and turn over the soil, dragging the fresh, rich dirt from beneath up to the surface.

Had we just chipped away at the top layer and threw some seeds down, we wouldn’t have produced anything.

The ground required that we disrupt its comfortable state, tilling the soil, turning it over, and nurturing it with fresh water and sunlight.

Our lives and our relationship with money aren’t any different.

We need a little bit of chaos (or disruption) to yield different and better results.

We need chaos for growth.

In every field and industry disruption has been the thing that’s brought about innovation.

Chaos can be a tool if we learn how to respond to it rather than be dictated by it.

Business will always have its good months and bad months. It’s about what we do when that happens that is important.

How we respond to disruption is where the true power lies.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on using chaos as a tool.



  1. Another word for chaos is disruption and it takes a disruption for change, innovation, and/or new results to occur.
  2. Disruption can be used as a tool to move us out of the familiar and comfortable spaces and reactions we are used to and toward a new approach, opportunity, or result that actually brings us closer to our goal.
  3. When we allow chaos to run our lives, it’s hurtful. When we allow it to show us something about our lives and choose how to respond to it, it’s helpful. The most important thing is to pay attention to what is going on and what needs to change.


  1. Notice the disruptions that happen during your day or week and pause when they occur.
  2. Identify how you want to respond (your automatic default setting) and how you could respond differently.


  1. How can I leverage this disruption to get where I want to go?

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