I was working with a client the other night and I asked her if she had been experiencing any money meltdowns.

I’m gonna own it was a trick question.

Fact #1: We ALL have money meltdowns.
Fact #2: They happen every day. (They’re just more noticeable this time of year.)

Let me explain.

Money meltdowns come in many different forms and some are easy to overlook.

Like the discouragement we feel when we put out a new offer or lead magnet but no one bites.

Or the freak out we have when looking at our bank accounts or credit card statements (if we’re not ignoring them altogether).

They occur when we’ve had the slump-month we weren’t expecting.

Or when a potential client decides NOT to buy our program.

Money meltdowns can even look like feeling overwhelmed and stressed out about seemingly unrelated relationships, activities, experiences, and situations.

Then, when the holidays come around, these everyday-meltdowns get triggered by the gift giving, the extra grocery shopping, the want to donate to causes and groups we care about, etc.

And when these meltdowns add up and go ignored… disaster. It’s pretty much the same as ignoring all the lights lit up on your car’s dashboard telling you to check your tire pressure, replace your oil, or service your engine.

As someone who blew his transmission because he ignored the warning signs of his car, take it from me… waiting to take action is costly.

So, back to this client.

I asked her if she was experiencing any money meltdowns and she told me, all calm, cool, and collected that she hadn’t been having any.

But as she began sharing what was happening in her business, it all came out.

→ Stress over her finances.
→ Worry over health issues in the family.
→ Frustration from a seemingly failed offer.
→ Anger about some bad business practices she sees happening in her industry.

When she finally took a breath, I looked at her and said, “So, you’re not having any money meltdowns?”

She smiled a little. “I guess you’re right.”

As I said, we all have money meltdowns.

And they happen every day.

Our job is to identify when and how they appear for us and why.

Until then, I have a process to help mitigate them.

I’ve just finished working on the perfect tool to set you on the path to success. It’s my Stop Your Money Meltdown Guide.

With these 5 easy steps (that you can do in less than 10 minutes each day), not only will you have better control over your money meltdowns, but you’ll start to notice the kinds of results you’ve been aiming for.

Grab your copy today.


Here’s the 3-2-1 on identifying money meltdowns.


  1. We have a money meltdown every day. It doesn’t mean we are horrible people. They happen to us all so let’s accept that fact and put a system in place to mitigate them before they happen, not after.
  2. Our money meltdowns aren’t about the money. Nothing ever is. Money is just a tangible indication, or reflection, of what’s really happening inside.
  3. It doesn’t take weeks to make changes. It takes weeks to establish habits. Not doing something new or different on the premise “It’ll take forever” to get a new result is a cop-out.


  1. Snag your copy of the Stop Your Money Meltdown Guide and begin implementing the steps immediately.
  2. When you’ve seen your first result, email me and let me know what happened. 


  1. What money meltdown did I have today?

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To your impact and legacy,