Debbie and I have made more money in 2020 than any other year and if we were to count actual hours, we’ve probably worked at a part-time capacity.

We are working less and making more and it hasn’t mattered what is happening in the economy.

We follow the attitudes of money and the same steps I promote. This year, we’ve doubled down on the Attitude of Boundaries.

We only work with clients we really like. We only do the work that we love. From that, we find joy, money, and mutually beneficial relationships.

Yet, repeatedly, I watch people stay with clients they don’t like and who don’t pay them well and offer services they don’t care about, because the risk of letting either go is too much for them.

The lack of security, certainty, and comfort keeps them in a fear state, believing they can’t make money (or “enough” money) in what they want to do or who they want to work with.

When we are desperately holding onto money, we don’t hold our boundaries or take necessary risks.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Boundaries.



  1. We have to set our boundaries to see the results we want. And we can’t set boundaries without taking some risk.
  2. When we believe there isn’t enough money out there, we refuse to replace clients or services that aren’t aligned with what we want. We hold onto what we know we are making instead of taking action toward what we could be making.
  3. When we get better at saying NO to things we don’t want and YES to what we do, we’ll be happier and make more money more consistently.



  1. Audit your services. If you’re offering services you don’t enjoy, let them go. Determine the services you want to provide.
  2. Review your client list. If you’re working with clients you don’t enjoy, don’t align with, or who don’t pay you what you’re worth, it’s time to replace them.



  1. Which boundaries do I need to adjust to find more joy and enjoyment in my business?

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