We are in the tail-end of November which, in the U.S., means our inboxes have been flooded with Black Friday offers and we are likely facing some measure of gift giving and family gatherings.

For those of us in business for ourselves, we’re planning for time off and wrapping up end-of-year stuff all while we prepare for next year.

Because of all of these things, there can be a lot of anxiety and emotion coming up in these next 45 or so days and a lot of it can be about money.

We might be stressed thinking about how much we want to spend on people versus how much we can.

We might be overwhelmed looking at our finances or budgeting for next year.

We might be anxious about that family meal, hoping certain topics don’t come up or that one relative we can’t stand decides not to show.

For others who don’t have family nearby or whose family has passed, they could be feeling lonely and sad.

And then, of course, there’s still all that may be triggered from unhappy memories or past experiences that occurred around the holiday season.

There’s plenty of reasons for people to lose their center and feel ungrounded, triggered, and overwhelmed.

I’ve seen it every year as client after client has their version of a money meltdown – and I say that with empathy, not judgment.

What I want for all of us is to be aware that this will likely happen in the next six weeks so that we can start checking in with ourselves now.

Mastering our money comes from understanding our reaction to what’s happening around us and since a lot of the triggers from this time of year can be money-related, this is the best time to raise our consciousness and confront our money stories.
I’m happy to say I’m working on something to help.

It’s a five-step guide for working through money meltdowns and getting back on track and I’ll be posting it as soon as it’s ready.

This is my way of saying thank you for your support this year and serving up a helpful side dish that pairs perfectly with that family dinner you’re about to have (for better or worse).


Until that’s ready, though, here’s the 3-2-1 on being aware of the holiday money meltdown.



  1. The best thing we can do for our emotional and money health right now is understand that this time of year will trigger us so that when it happens we aren’t surprised.
  2. When we experience a meltdown, instead of judging ourselves, it’s the perfect time to be curious and ask ourselves “why” (sometimes repeatedly) until we get to the root cause of what’s triggering us.
  3. Being aware of what’s happening in us and around us is a first step to mastering our money.


  1. Check in with yourself when you’re experiencing a meltdown to ensure your basic needs are being met first – food, water, sunshine (all the things a plant needs). Take care of those things.
  2. Before the meltdown hits, set healthy boundaries. For example, identify what you can do for others this time of year (financially, emotionally, etc.) versus what you want to do or what they expect you to do and then hold that boundary.


  1. What kind of experience do I want to have for the rest of the year?

Stay tuned for those five easy steps to stop the money meltdowns. This awesome tool is designed to disrupt the flow of your EMBR Cycle, stopping your emotions and money story from negatively influencing your behaviors and, ultimately, your results.

This is HUGE considering that wealth and business are a game of emotion – i.e. master your emotion and you master your money.

And while this tool will help you in the short term, I teach how to play the long game inside Procedures for Prosperity™. Sign up for a Prosperity Call.

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To your impact and legacy,