Everywhere we turn, leaders are responding to a great many things impacting the world – from COVID-19 to systemic racism.

Change is happening. Old stories and ideas are being challenged.

Yet, no matter what, there will always be some leaders who are effective and others who aren’t.

Some leaders we will align with and others we won’t.

External leadership, to some extent, will be what it will be.

Leadership of self, however, is what we can control.

The Attitude of Command is about taking charge of our life. It’s about taking action based on our own values and wishes and not surrendering control and decisions to some other force.

If we make decisions based on money or old belief systems and rules, then who is really in charge? Not us.

Only when we command our own life, will money flow.

Here’s the 3-2-1 on this aspect of the Attitude of Command.


I. Leaders take action and inspire. When they say “move,” others follow. This includes money. (Money responds to trust and confidence – two characteristics of leadership.)

II. “Leadership of self” is knowing we are in charge of our own life. No external force determines what we are capable of. (If, for example, we make decisions based on the fear of money coming in or going out then fear is the one in charge.)

III. Stepping into our boldness and taking command of our leadership draws resources beyond money to us as well, resulting in the influence and impact we desire.


I. Evaluate the people you follow. (Are they in alignment with your values? Are they effective in their leadership?)

II. Evaluate yourself and determine who is in charge. (Is it you? Money? Old narratives and beliefs? Other people? If it’s not you, what are you going to do about it?)


I. What force(s) have you been surrendering your control and decision-making to?

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