We’re just a few days away from the New Year and I think we can all agree we have no idea how that happened. 

When we came into this year from last, we hoped some magical switch would be flipped and the pandemic would be gone, the economy would bounce back, and things would go back to “normal.” 

Even though that didn’t happen, each new year brings hope and a fresh start. 

While we might be thinking about how we want to enrich our lives, businesses, and relationships, we also should consider how we want to enrich our relationship with money. 

So, today, I’m doing something different.   


Here are 10 truths about money from this past year, plus, the usual 2 actions and 1 question. 

Everything I’m offering is to help kickstart your money mastery for 2022 the right way. 


  1. Money stories are not Truth. They were created by emotional experiences in our past. Since we created them, we also have the power to change them.

  2. In our relationships, we worry about being rejected. Money can’t reject us because it’s a neutral party, but we can reject it, which undermines the results we want.

  3. When we chase money it becomes elusive and hard to get. We become frustrated and angry that it’s never there. When we follow our passion and joy in what we do, money shows up like a trusted friend.

  4. Money should be our co-conspirator in our lives, not our master pushing us to do more and ignore our passions and values.

  5. Money should be the byproduct of our passions and leadership not the gatekeeper to our dreams and desires.

  6. An abundant mindset isn’t about willing the results we want and waiting for them to appear. It’s about seeing an infinite amount of potential and possibility and then taking the actions to produce the results because we know there is enough for all of us.

  7. If we’ve tried to resolve our money trauma before but it didn’t work, then it wasn’t the right solution for us. We don’t give up. We find the thing that works.

  8. We don’t want financial freedom. We want to be free of the stress or the worry or the uncertainty that may come with our finances. These are not the same thing.

  9. Building our confidence through experience – the process and progress of learning, applying, adjusting, and growing – allows us to have failures that don’t stop us but teach us.

  10. If we will take the time to face and resolve our visceral responses to money (and the stories surrounding it), we will change the amount of money we make. Every. Time.


  1. Print this list of 10 truths and hang it in your office where you can see it regularly.
  2. Choose which of these truths you need to commit to work on this coming year and highlight them.


  1. What do I want my relationship with money to look and feel like in the new year?

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To your impact and legacy,