Everybody’s got money stories.


Even those making high 6-, 7- and 8-figures and beyond.

The high-figure earners have simply found ways to get around them.

(Like duct-taping a bumper onto a Ferrari.)

They haven’t fixed them and they definitely haven’t healed them.

And this lack of healing, this money story, continues to impact not just their decisions but their perception of self.

Like the millionaire who has to literally hand his money over to his wife because he can’t keep money in the bank otherwise.

Or the 8-figure earner who pushes her taxes back every year–happy to pay the penalties if it means she doesn’t have to deal with them until the last possible second.

Or the 7-figure earner who dissociates so much when it comes to her money, that she wakes up after big purchases without a memory of buying the thing.

Whatever your income level, I’m sure you could tell me stories, too.


Man handing money to a women

About how your fear or misconceptions around money are influencing the building, saving, and spending of your generational wealth.

Even more, these same money stories are also undermining your ability to talk about and solve it.

Really… who do we talk to when those in our current circle (family and friends) are carrying the same money stories we are?

How do we say, “I don’t remember buying these expensive things” to people who are judging us for having money at all.

We don’t.

So the problem goes unsolved.


Pushed to the back burner until we can pretend it’s just part of the stove.

That’s not the relationship I want with money and wealth.

Is that the one YOU want?



If not, the sooner we can accept that we have money stories, the sooner we can take care of them.

And the sooner we can build our empires beyond them.

Think about it.

How much MORE money could you make if you solved for that story (instead of hiding from it)?

With more money, how much more impact could you make?

Can you see it?

I can.

So enough already.

1. Solve your money story.

2. Make more money.

3. Create more impact.

Contact me when you’re done pretending that duct tape is a real solution. I’m ready to help.


To your impact and legacy,